Home, Walkway, and Tree Light Systems

landscape-lightingA great way to ensure your beautiful landscape design is seen 24 hours a day is a new landscape lighting system from From The Ground Up. We offer customized landscape lighting for your home, walkway, and trees. This is a great way to bring out certain landscaping aspects and hide others. We promote energy saving lighting that will not drain your electric bill. We also provide timing systems that will provide coverage when you need it.

Lighting Installation

Installation of landscape lighting is not only useful for showing aspects of your landscape at night, it can also be used as a defense mechanism. When there is no enough dark around your home, thieves are less likely to attempt any funny business around your property.

Commercial Lighting

A good business promotes themselves 24/7. With landscape lighting you can show off your store, your sign, and your landscape at night. From The Ground Up provides reasonable quotes on all commercial landscape lighting in Orlando, Fl.